Transcendent Search offers industry-leading market research. We work closely with your hiring managers to develop a targeted list of companies you can pull talent from. Our wealth of knowledge in this industry helps us identify employees who excelled in other companies that would be a cultural and professional fit for your organization.

Our recruiting team is connected to thousands of candidates from across the country. We have strong relationships with key contacts that let us bring the right candidates into your company. You’ll benefit from our extensive experience in the life sciences field because it lends instant credibility to our recruiters. We use that trust to deliver a succinct message to candidates, touting the advantages of your company’s mission, vision, and values.

The best candidates for your sales force are likely already working and contributing to another company. Often, they’re not actively seeking a new job. Our approach targets these high-achievers and persuades them to consider using their skills to contribute to the growing success and vitality of your company.

Nothing is more discouraging than finding the perfect candidate, moving them through the interview process, and then having them turn down your offer. Our staff sets realistic expectations from the start of the recruiting process. So when your hiring managers get to the offer stage, both sides are familiar with expectations, leading to a higher rate of acceptance.