About Transcendent Search

Professional recruiting solutions for sales and marketing positions in biotech and molecular diagnostics.

Transcendent Search was founded by Dave Serafin in 2007 to provide professional recruiting solutions in sales and marketing for the biotech and molecular diagnostics field. Our company helps biotech companies, big box labs and boutique labs create a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving industry. We have an impressive track record working with market leaders in the biotech and diagnostic industries. Our established networks and time-tested recruiting processes match companies with experts in even the most specialized fields, including NIPT, BRCA, UCS, A/P, HER2 and more.

About Dave

Dave started recruiting in the healthcare space in 2003 and has been dedicated to matching talented professionals with promising companies ever since. He graduated from Loyola University with a bachelor’s in Business Administration before starting his professional career in recruiting. He was a top producer at his prior agency, but always felt the pull to start a recruiting firm that put client and candidate needs first. Knowing the complexity of the biotech and personalized medicine industries, Dave started Transcendent Search in 2007 to help companies in the life sciences field find specialized talent in some of the country’s fastest growing areas. Since then he’s filled hundreds of roles in the biotech and lab space and has built world-class sales teams throughout the industry.